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Wines at Patagonia

There is so much than names with it comes to wine taste. The aroma, texture, tannin, the body and many other factors that your taste buds make you choose your favorite drink. What makes the process so interesting is the level of intricacy that involves tasting a wine, this is so personal that you might not find a single person that has the same opinion about a particular wine. Wines can be a must for some sommeliers and a clear “don’t” for others. It all depends on taste, everyone has a different idea of great, good, ok and not-so-good.

One of our specialties here at Patagonia is our wine selection. We are very proud to say that we offer a great variety and our team is sure they can help you a wine that will go with your personality.

Ask us about our wine tastings, we are constantly launching tastings for our visitors so they can try some of the bottles we offer before you make a decision.

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